Madison County Health Coalition

 Community Action Projects


Current Community Action Projects under the Madison County Health Coalition are:


Camp Harvest

Friendship Club 

 Project FOCUS

Huntsville Kiwanis Club

Lions Club

Madison County Community Coalition

Madison County Medical Group

Madison County Underserved Elderly

Tumble Express









A.    Community Action Projects (CAP) report to the Madison County Health Coalition.

B.     The Mission Statement of the Community Action Projects agrees with MCHC.

            Each of these groups shall have a representative be part of the Madison County 

            Health Coalition.

C.     To become a Community Action Project (CAP):

1.      The Applicant group must fill out the MCHC CAP Application, which will be reviewed by the Executive Committee.

2.      The application will include: organization name, years active, mission statement and basic goals/objectives, an official named representative(s) contact or liaison to the MCHC.

      If using 501c3 tax exempt status to receive funding will also need:

-official organizational documents like incorporation, letters of    

 commitment, etc.  

-representative / authority contacts

-mission statement

-objective and goals statement

-working budget regarding MCHC supported activities

NOTE all monies received by any organization through using the 501c3 tax exempt status of the MCHC will have to have those funds go through the MCHC treasury.

3.      CAP representative may be asked to provide further information if needed.

4.   MCHC CAP Consent Form must be read and signed.

5.   CAP representatives and participants should understand the MCHC Mission, 

            Vision, and Purpose.

6.   Applications will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and if unanimous                                    

            acceptance then the CAP group will be presented to the Madison County    

            Health Coalition.

 7.  Acceptance into CAP status will be granted in writing and  

            will take effect on the day it is approved in the minutes or signed by the  

            Executive Committee. 

D.    Community Action Projects will be reviewed yearly by the Executive Committee.

E.     There must be a formal presentation to the Madison County Health Coalition before any use of MCHC funds or Tax Exempt status (ex. grants). There must be consensus for CAP to proceed with the plan. This will be documented in the minutes.

F.      If the Cap uses the MCHC tax exempt status or uses the MCHC as part of a grant or project funding over 3K, it falls under the purview of the Grant Committee (see Grant Committee for details).

G.    If using the MCHC tax exempt status for funding under 3K, a report must be 

            submitted to the Executive Committee annually and presented to the Madison  

            County Health Coalition in June including: 

1.      A brief history of MCHC participation, current status of activities and future plans.

2.      A budget report regarding activities associated with MCHC (must be suitable for Tax Audit).

H.    The Executive Committee may request further relevant information.

I.       An official representative of the CAPs, chosen and named by the CAP (in the minutes or in writing if required by Executive Committee), will be a member of the MCHC.  This representative:

1.      Will serve as a liaison between the Community Action Projects and MCHC.

2.      Will be expected to attend or keep Executive Committee updated on CAP meetings and activities.

3.      Responsible for keeping the Executive Committee and the Madison County Health coalition aware of CAP activities and events.

4.      Responsible for keeping track of CAP activities, grants, projects, and their status regarding applications, renewals or cancellations.

5.      Help coordinate CAP presentations and/or reports to the Executive Committee or  Madison County Health Coalition. 

            6.   They or a CAP approved proxy should be readily available to the Executive

                  Committee (with short notice for urgent requests) and attend regular Grant

                  Committee or MCHC meetings.

J.       One Member of Executive Committee will be responsible for overseeing and enforcing CAP by-laws are followed.

K.  Cancellation or Removal from CAP status:

1.      Voluntary removal from CAP status must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee.

2.   Failure to fulfill any of the stated requirements previously listed.

1.      Conduct unbecoming or in direct conflict with the MCHC mission vision, and purpose.

2.      Blatant failure to fulfill grant and financial obligations, and/or stated goals.

3.      The Executive Committee reserves the right to cancel CAP status for the well being of MCHC.

4.      Any Cancellation considerations will be communicated in writing to the CAP two weeks before the official cancellation occurs.

5.      The CAP has the right to appeal, meet, and discuss its concerns or disagreements with the Cancellation in a meeting with the Executive Committee. Official cancellation will be delayed until this meeting takes place.

6.      Any cancellation of CAP status will be signed in writing by the Executive Committee and effective that date.

Dismissal or cancellation does not prevent CAP from reapplication or from pursuing other support or associations with MCHC.