Madison County Health Coalition

Local Students Appear in Billboard

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The Madison County Community Coalition and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office worked with local high school students, Tonya Reeves Photography and Off Color Designs to create a billboard ad focused on preventing underage drinking.  The billboard is located on Hwy 412 in Huntsville next to McDonalds.  The students that appear in the ad were chosen based on character and were selected from all 3 local high schools.  “The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is very pleased to have such a close relationship with our community.  We would like to thank the parents and students of all of our area schools who participated with the underage drinking prevention campaign.  The students picked are great examples of leadership within each of their own respective schools” says Captain Robert Boyd.  

The billboard conveys the message that most Madison County teens don’t drink alcohol because they have better things to do.  According to the Arkansas Prevention Needs Assessment Student Survey which is completed by Madison County Students each year, 79.4% of Madison County teens did not drink last month.  “We are proud of our local students and their decision to not drink alcohol.  We want those teens who are drinking to realize they don’t have to drink to fit in” says Deven Daehn, Director of the Madison County Community Coalition.  The billboard is one of many efforts of the Madison County Community Coalition to prevent alcohol, tobacco and other drug use among youth.  The coalition is currently running radio ads that were created and recorded by local youth as well as a social media marketing campaign on facebook. “We hope everyone will go to facebook and ‘like’ the Madison County Health Coalition’s page so they can stay informed about what we’re doing in the community” says Daehn.  For more information or to become a volunteer for the coalition, you can contact Deven Daehn at 479-738-1707.




Local Madison County Students pictured in the billboard from left to right are: Austin Embry, Sterling Emitt, Lindsay Lester, Kendall Glenn, Caleb Jones, Brianna Bryant, Fernanda Hernandez, Kaitlin Huber and Dillon Crow. The picture was taken by Tonya Reeves Photography. The billboard was paid for by the Madison County Community Coalition and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office with grant funds.